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Greetings from the Conference President

Masanari Itokawa
Deputy Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of
Medical Science


I have been involved in brain research for over 30 years. Despite my whole-hearted research, I still couldn't find any mental illness.

As a result, I realized that the mind has a part made up of the brain and a part that does not. Medication works on the former, and psychotherapy and care/appreciation work on the latter. And I began to realize that there might be another mind that wasn't either of these.

I'm a scientist, so I don't have the words to describe it. I guess that yoga, Pure Land Buddhism, and oriental philosophy probably have words that indicate this.

At the conference, I would like to discuss these three things: things, things, and things that are neither (if I dare say it, the soul).

Message from the President of the Japan Yoga Therapy Society

Keishin Kimura
President of Japan Yoga Therapy Society

On the occasion of the 21st Research General Meeting


Our 21st Research General Meeting will be held on May 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun), 2023, with Dr. Masanari Itokawa, Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, as President. It is scheduled to be

The theme of this competition is

"The heart and life of yoga therapy

~Living with unity of mind and body~”.

The traditional yoga and yoga therapy that we practice is broadly   “Science of Life / Ayur (Life) Veda (Science of Life)”, so each individual can develop their own All you have to do is to have a distinctive character and let your life shine freely.

At this general meeting, we will be able to listen to lectures by savant scholars who specialize in “Research by the person concerned” It will be a unique learning meeting for yoga therapists across the country. For two days, study hard and become a yoga therapist who can stand at the height of further yoga therapy instruction.

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