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General information

The 21st Annual General Meeting of the Japan Yoga Therapy Association Kanagawa It is the general information page of the Annual Meeting.

​The item will be uploaded as soon as the details below are decided.

Information on how to apply and view will be uploaded soon.

Please check the time and make a plan!

Poster presentation

Yoga therapy darshana, you can learn various cases of assessment.

Breakout Session: Disabled People and Yoga Therapy

A session on disability and yoga therapy from a yoga therapist active in the field

Information about the 3rd floor of Conference Kawasaki

You can apply for lunch at the same time as ticket sales.

Rest room with children/Changing room (for women)

It can be used as a waiting room for students, a listening room, a nursing room, a diaper changing room, a health room, and a changing room for women during morning yoga.

morning yoga

Morning of May 21 Morning yoga with President Kimura at the main venue. Refresh your mind and body. No yoga mat or change of clothes required.

What is party research?

While the invited speakers this time were talking, there was a talk about research on people involved...

Information about the 3rd floor of Conference Kawasaki

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