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Jogashima Island

Kanagawa Prefecture's largest natural island Jogashima

Jogashima is Kanagawa Prefecture's southernmost cape and the prefecture's largest natural island. Perhaps because of the special feeling of crossing the Jogashima Ohashi Bridge from Misaki, expectations for the island rise.

Long ago, Hakushu Kitahara's "Jogashima no Ame" made this island famous nationwide.

It has a history of having a gun battery as a fortress, but after the end of the Pacific War, it became a familiar place as Jogashima Park.

There are well-maintained hiking trails, but we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.

Located at the entrance of Tokyo Bay, this island has two lighthouses.

Finally everyone. Is the name similar to Jougashima? Don't confuse it with Jogasaki on the Izu Peninsula! !

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